If you are planning for pregnancy, start these 7 health approaches to prevent neurodevelopmental disorders in your future child

photo of pregnant woman having a consultation

How can we prevent autism, ADHD, or SPDs with our children?

What are the major preventive approaches for neurodevelopmental issues?

We may not be fully able to prevent any disorder; yet we can adopt a few practical approaches and be very careful so that the disorders start due to our negligence may not happen.

Let’s know about these 7 major health approaches during pregnancy to prevent neurodevelopmental disorders in your child up to some extent.

1) Take time and make yourself ready

If you are planning for pregnancy then make yourself fully ready both mentally and physically.

Without your readiness, you shouldn’t plan due to unnecessary societal pressures.

Your mental and physical health has a lot of effects on the upcoming pregnancy journey.

So, take time and make yourself ready first then go for it.

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2) Complete health check-ups

Before planning for pregnancy, first, do a complete health check-up.

As your health condition has a lot to do with your upcoming journey.

For example, if you have a deficiency in folic acid, it could lead to neural tube defects in your baby.

If you want a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery, ensure you do a complete health check-up beforehand, including vitamin levels and screening for any chronic health conditions.

3) Choose a good gynecologist

photo of pregnant woman having a consultation
Photo by MART PRODUCTION on Pexels.com

The next step is to choose a good gynecologist who will be your friend and guide throughout this journey.

A good gynecologist has a very vital role in making your journey safe and confident.

Your gynecologist can effectively guide you on what to do, what not to do, how to do it, and when to do it.

So, choose this one wisely so that you may have a very beautiful journey ahead.

4) Regular antenatal check-ups & follow-ups

Never miss antenatal check-ups and follow-ups with your gynecologist.

This may harm the development of your baby which could lead to serious complications sometime.

Always have a plan according to the schedule given by your gynecologist and follow his/her advice strictly.

5) Never ignore any small negative signs

Many of us commonly tend to ignore small or minor health signs or symptoms, thinking that a simple fever couldn’t be typhoid or malaria.

Yes, this thinking may be true in many cases, but it shouldn’t be applied during pregnancy.

As this period is very sensitive, even minor signs may indicate a major complication.

Always have a look at anything that may feel wrong to you and immediately consult with your doctor.

6) Be conscious about proper nutrition

crop pregnant woman cutting fruit for husband
Photo by Amina Filkins on Pexels.com

During pregnancy period give much more importance to your nutrition.

Nutrition plays a crucial role in both the healthy journey and the development of a baby.

Lack of good nutrition may affect both the mother and baby.

So plan your daily meal full of combinations from fruits to vegetables, egg to meat with other required food supplements.

7) Have the ultimate goal for safe delivery

There are many controversies about normal and c-section delivery.

Which is safe and which is beneficial, much information is available on it.

Never get biased on these facts. Like every coin has two sides, every process has some positive and some negative sides.

But your ultimate goal must be the safety of both.

For that never panic or stick to any specific social stigma, always be prepared for the situational option which would be right for both of you.

Final message to a Mother

The pregnancy journey is a complicated and tough process, yet it’s a beautiful process nurtured by nature.

Give your best to make it beautiful in every aspect.

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