Know 6 common myths and facts about neurodevelopmental disorders…

worried mother takes care of sick child

Do you know these things about Neurodevelopmental Disorders?

Till today no research could prove any specific reason for neurodevelopmental disorders.

Multiple factors are responsible for its onset. Still, a few common myths exist in our country which may only create more problems in a family rather than giving any positive solutions.

Let’s know about it…

1) Sin

Many people think that, having a child with neurodevelopmental issues is a sin.

Either it is the past actions of his/her parents or grandparents. And start avoiding these people in a social context.

Many people from society and relatives also blame or comment on them.


It is just a medical condition that could not be developed by any bad or negative action of any parent.

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2) Mother’s fault

worried mother takes care of sick child

When a child is diagnosed with a neurodevelopmental problem, the first finger goes to the mother from the other family members.

Many family members and relatives just create the thought that due to his/her mother only the child is suffering.

They even couldn’t realize what the mother may be going through.


No mother could knowingly do anything which may harm her child.

3) Negative parenting

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Many people think that due to negative parenting, a child may suffer from a neurodevelopmental disorder.

Being with Bad behaviors, bad family environments, relationship issues, and conflicts could develop neurodevelopmental issues.


Negative parenting may affect personality; but no link to developing neurodevelopmental disorders.

4) Vaccines

girl getting vaccinated
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After many controversies on childhood vaccinations, a high number of thoughts are going on the link between vaccinations and neurodevelopmental issues.

Though many research reports have proven there is no link between the two, many people believe that their child suffered due to a vaccine because vaccination and the onset of early signs of neurodevelopmental issues occur during the same phase of early childhood.


It has an adverse impact on immune challenges and unhealthy children.

5) Medications

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Many people think that due to excessive use of allopathic medicines, their child is affected with neurodevelopmental disorders.

Though high doses of modern medicines have adverse impacts, yet there are no alternate options for emergency conditions like high fever, infections, etc.


Supervisory administration of medications is necessary in early childhood.

6) Mobile/TV

woman using phone with sick child sleeping in her arms
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Many people are having the thought that due to mobile or TV, their child is suffering from neurodevelopmental disorder.

But medical science is not accepting this fact. By only watching these devices couldn’t develop neurodevelopmental disorders.


Excessive use of Mobile and TV in early childhood has high adverse effects.

Final thoughts

There is no single factor responsible for it. Multiple factors are creating these issues.

Getting more and more knowledge about the factors, and preventive approaches could help in minimizing the chances.

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