7 Non-Medical Factors Behind Increasing Developmental Delays in Children

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Why are developmental delays highly increasing in our country?

Are we making any mistakes with our child which may cause neurodevelopmental disorders?

What are hidden or unknown reasons for creating delays in our child?

What aspects are we neglecting much, creating delays in our child?

In response to the rising rates of neurodevelopmental disorders, the government and various organizations have implemented numerous awareness programs.

Due to the increasing awareness, we may be aware of its factors and causes established by medical science, and also many of us are following the preventive approaches.

However, many factors remain unknown to most people, yet these factors significantly contribute to the increasing rates of developmental issues.

Let’s discuss these 7 non-medical factors behind increasing developmental delays in children…

1) Nuclear family concept

Today in our country nuclear family concept is highly rising.

The concept of having one or two children is a common thought among parents.

We are thinking that we will live happily without any extra tension from other family members.

This thought may be OK for parents, but it is harmful to the children.

They often lack essential cognitive and social skills such as understanding, emotional management, social interaction, communication, reasoning, cooperation, and problem-solving.

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2) Not allowed to socialize

Today, many parents hesitate to allow their children to interact with other children or people.

They have a fear of other’s touch, textures, languages, and behaviors.

Due to this attitude, children may struggle to learn differentiation early on, which can later reflect in their behavior and hinder their socialization skills.

3) Not giving exposure to the environment

Many new-age parents avoid giving sufficient exposure to their children due to fears that they might get hurt while playing, encounter bacteria from touching dirty things, or require frequent cleaning if they play outside with sand, dough, etc.

The only thought is to keep them always clean and safe.

But we forget that without environmental exposure and stimulation, a child’s central nervous system (CNS) may not mature sufficiently, potentially leading to developmental issues.

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4) Not spending time with them

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During the whole childhood, a child needs a sufficient amount of exposure which they could get by playing with different objects or things.

Spending sufficient time with a child must be the first priority of every parent.

However, due to hectic schedules, many parents aren’t able to spend time with their kids, resulting in isolation or solitary play, which can significantly harm their development process.

5) Lack of training

“Children will learn everything automatically or nature will teach them everything by the time” is the common thought to many parents.

In the past, it was true because they were in a joint family, and always someone was around them.

So, they learn by observing and imitating the activities of older family members and other children.

But in the current scenario, since we are living in nuclear families, every child still requires proper training to learn new things and skills.

That means nurturing must be adopted for its success.

Otherwise, delays may happen.

6) Allowing unlimited time with Mobile or TV

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Due to the hectic daily schedules of parents, many prefer to allow their children to TV or mobile for unlimited time so they can complete their work.

Excessive TV or mobile screen time at a young age can be harmful to a child’s developmental process.

It can harm a child’s cognitive, emotional, socialization, and mental health development.

7) Neglecting or avoiding early signs

Neglecting any early signs of developmental issues is very common in our society.

Like a simple cold or cough may not need medical intervention and may be recovered on its own, the same thought is being applied by many parents nowadays.

It may be true in the past; but in the current scenario, it couldn’t happen.

If early signs are not intervened upon, they can lead to serious developmental complications.

Parenting Struggles

To grow up a child is a tough job for every parent nowadays.

Being in today’s fast-paced age with a hectic schedule makes it very difficult to manage all everyday tasks while ensuring proper care of a child.

Yet, for the all-round development and growth of our child, we have to find sufficient time and keep an eye on the above factors also.

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