Knowing these 6 facts about the conscious and subconscious mind might give you more success

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Are you curious to know about your mind?

How do the conscious and subconscious mind work?

How can we get the most out of these two minds?

To achieve success, we must know about our minds more. We search the internet and get many facts and information about our minds. Here in this article, we will discuss a few vital facts in our minds, that we must know for better results in our lives.

We know our conscious mind has 10% and the subconscious mind has 90% power.

Planning, sensation, judgment, short-term memory, decision, critical thinking, and willpower are major functions of our conscious mind.

Whereas beliefs, habits, emotions, automated body functions, imaginations, long-term memory, and intuition are part of the subconscious mind.

Establishing synchronization and getting the most out of these two minds create the major difference between a successful and a failed personality.

Here are the 6 vital things to know about it…

1) Logic vs no logic

The conscious mind uses logic in its functions. It can brainstorm about the situation.

Whereas the subconscious mind had no logic. It acts based on the information stored in it.

2) Filter vs No filter

The conscious mind can differentiate between bad and good, right or wrong, perfect or imperfect.

But the subconscious mind has no filter. It couldn’t differentiate.

It only works on the pattern stored in it before.

3) Master vs Follower

The conscious mind works as a good master whereas the subconscious works as a good follower. That means our conscious always orders and our subconscious follows it.

4) Analytical vs Creative

Conscious mind has the power of analysis whereas subconscious has the power of creation.

5) Limited vs Unlimited power

The conscious mind has limited power whereas the subconscious mind has unlimited power.

6) Training vs Programming

The conscious mind needs training to give more results whereas the subconscious mind needs programming.

Knowing the differences between minds could help us find better ways to utilize them for our benefits.

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