Q & A

Feel free to ask us questions and Dr. Satya will help you with answering them.

1. How could I handle my job pressure?

In the current scenario, job pressure is a vital stressor for many people. There are a lot of reasons for it, we can’t avoid or deny all. But if it is beyond our tolerance, then we must follow a few approaches to tackle it.

1. Search for satisfaction (When satisfaction is there, long working hours additional targets or a hectic schedule may not feel more pressure)
2. Stick to your timetable (Always Try to avoid additional hours in pressurized jobs)
3. Have a few approaches to work and life balance
4. Have a daily mental practice

2. I couldn’t make my work and life balance, what to do?

Creating a balance between our work and life is very vital to lead a healthy life. In the current scenario, the majority of the population is suffering from more stress due to this. So if you are not able to balance it, then following these approaches may help you…

1. Search for satisfaction over success or status
2. Do self-analysis regularly
3. Prioritize the things that are more important for you
4. Spend a few relaxing moments to release everyday stress

There are many changes you can make to your life routine to make it balanced, but the first need is your willingness to change and adopt.

Thank you

3. How can I make myself satisfied with what I am doing?

To create more harmony in life, we must prefer satisfaction over money, power, position or status. The only and first need is our willingness. If your willingness is there, then these few tips could help you…

1. Accept and love your work if you can’t change it
2. Develop your passion alongside your profession
3. Add a few creative moments to your daily work schedule
4. Have fun, do funny things or childish things to release stressors
5. If you can change your unsatisfied profession, then without second thought change it and choose the profession you love to do

Prioritizing satisfaction over anything in our minds could help us make changes in our lives.

4. What are the major kinds of stress teenagers face?

In the current scenario, Teenagers are facing the highest stressors and transitioning time in their lives from biological to mental and career to relationship making their lives more devastating. Perhaps this is the big reason for the increasing rates of suicides and addiction in teenagers.

5 Vital Stressors for Teenagers…

1. Biological changes ( Physical to Hormonal)
2. Academic pressures (Task completion to examination or entrance)
3. Parents’ expectations ( target fulfilling to achieving good scores or job)
4. Relationship issues ( Friendship to love or break-ups)
5. Mental instability ( Conflicting thoughts to negative perception)

5. How can I make myself organized?

Being organized is the first necessary thing for being successful. If you want to make it in your life, start organizing yourself.

The following tips might help you…

1. Restructure your thinking and make it clutter-free
2. Maintain a daily routine strictly
3. Adopt a few mental practices daily
4. Prioritize your daily tasks
5. Have boundaries for your life

6. What life skills are rarely taught, but extremely useful?

Living life successfully needs many skills starting from development to management. Because from the very beginning of our life, we need these skills.

A few extremely useful life skills that are rarely taught to us… 

1. Facing failures or challenges
2. Handling relationships
3. Emotional balancing
4. Self-love and Acceptance
5. Thinking Skills

7. Why are life skills important for students?

Student life is the most transitioning phase of every human. A lot of skills starting from academics to life are crucial in this phase. Due to a lack of training in these skills, today the suicidal and addiction rates among students are very high.

The most essential life skills for students…

1. Coping skills for every transition
2. Handling pressures and challenges
3. Managing Negativities
4. Self-care
5. Values & Ethics of Life