Starting Motherhood? Never make these 8 mistakes, you must be very conscious to prevent neurodevelopmental disorders with your child

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Motherhood is a beautiful journey, yet it is very hectic.

As a mother, you may have to manage many things simultaneously. You have to become a multitasker to make everything smooth and easy.

As a mother, your foremost priority is to ensure the health and happiness of your child.

You must properly adopt nurturing practices.

However, due to a lack of awareness, knowledge, or a hectic schedule, you may neglect some aspects that could be very harmful to your child’s development.

In this article, we are going to discuss 8 mistakes you must be very conscious of to prevent neurodevelopmental disorders in your child.

1) Change the environment if necessary

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A good and positive environment is very vital during the whole process starting from conceiving to delivery and up to 3-5 years of age.

We all know the condition of our environment everywhere in our country.

High pollution, radiation, pesticides, and chemicals make our lives very pathetic.

So, if you are in the early stage of pregnancy or a mother of a toddler, check your environment and if necessary, change it for the betterment of both.

Because living in an environment with high mutagens could develop neurodevelopmental issues in your child.

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2) Take good care of both in the post-natal period

Generally, we are more conscious during the pregnancy period. After delivery, we become or follow our old daily habits.

We forget the important thing that we are now not alone, rather a new life is with us.

So, neglecting any aspect means neglecting both mother and baby.

After delivery, a mother needs significant physical, mental, and emotional care, as well as proper nutrition.

Neglecting these aspects could develop delays in the developmental process of your child.

3) Give priority to spend maximum time with your kid

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Due to our hectic life routines, many of us struggle to find time to spend with family. Additionally, living in a nuclear family setup means we often can’t dedicate enough time to our children.

When children do not spend quality time with their parents, they miss out on learning essential life skills such as social skills, daily living activities, understanding, and problem-solving.

Deficits in these skills could lead to developmental issues.

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4) Be serious about nutrition

Nutrition always plays a vital role in human development at any age.

After delivery, if your baby is breastfeeding, you must be very serious about your daily nutrition. It should be full of essential nutrients, as your nutrition is vital for your baby’s first six months.

After six months, introduce your baby to a healthy and balanced diet.

Deficiency in vital vitamins or nutrients may lead to developmental delays in your child.

5) Safety in the early phase of your baby

During the early phases of development, babies face numerous struggles and challenges to thrive.

Cuts, bruises, bumps, and injuries are common occurrences during this period.

As parents, it’s crucial to implement all possible safety measures. While minor injuries may not cause significant harm, traumatic injuries to the brain or vital organs can lead to serious health complications that may delay the child’s developmental process.

6) Learn more and more

Early motherhood is a very sensitive and vital phase where many things you have to learn daily starting from care to nutrition, common childhood illnesses to developmental issues of a baby.

Many assume children develop automatically, yet nurturing plays a crucial role in their growth.

Lack of knowledge in these areas may inadvertently lead to neglect in child care.

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7) Always prefer to avoid unnecessary medical interventions

Since the early phase of life is very sensitive common colds, coughs, bacterial or viral infections, fever, indigestion, vomiting, etc. are very common to all babies.

Many just panic with the initial symptoms of a common cold or cough also and never hesitate to give high antibiotics or other medications which is very harmful to all babies.

Side effects and sometimes negative reactions to high doses of modern medicine could develop fits, and seizures also which could damage the developmental process.

8) Never hesitate to give the chance to explore the environment

Many new parents often hesitate to allow their children to explore their environment.

They always prefer their child to avoid others touching, touching different objects, dusting, playing in an open environment, etc.

Running behind the concept of sophistication or remaining neat and clean makes their child lack environmental stimulations which could affect brain development and lead to neurodevelopmental delays.

Final Thought

It may be hectic; yet for the proper development of a baby, we have to be very careful and conscious during the whole developmental process.

Small negligence may create damage for a lifetime.

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