5 most neglected factors, yet highly responsible for neurodevelopmental disorders…

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What are the factors we are neglecting?

Upon which factors must we give importance?

We mainly focus on the well-established factors for the onset of neurodevelopmental disorders. But in the current scenario, most cases are due to a few other factors that are often neglected.

Yet these factors are more responsible for the increasing rates of these issues.

Let’s know about these 5 most neglected factors, yet highly responsible for neurodevelopmental disorders

1) Pregnancy-related health complications

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Pregnancy is a very complicated process for everyone.

During this time many physical and mental changes could happen with the mother.

Despite every best effort, some events are beyond control.

Uncontrolled high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, infections, jaundice, hormonal changes, etc., can harm the baby in many ways, potentially leading to neurodevelopmental issues such as ASD, ADHD, ID, and MR after birth.

What to Do:

Regular check-ups with doctors and proper care are the only preventive solutions.

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2) Prenatal medications/ drugs

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The prenatal period is very sensitive and critical in many ways.

One wrong step could lead to serious health conditions in both the baby and mother.

If the mother is addicted to drugs, alcohol, or smoking, it could lead to neurodevelopmental issues in the baby.

Besides these, the medications which you are taking during this period could harm the baby.

Prenatal vitamins and a few other medications to control pregnancy-related health complications are recommended only under the guidance of your gynecologist.

Antidepressants, epilepsy medications, and other unnecessary antibiotics could harm the baby.

What to Do:

Regular consultation and monitoring of the prescribed medication must be adopted.

3) Mother’s Mental Health in the Pre- and Postnatal Period

The most neglected aspect of the pregnancy period is the mother’s mental health.

Starting from family members to relatives or gynecologists are not giving importance to this fact.

However, it has significant impacts on the health of both the baby and the mother.

Being depressed, anxious, and stressed in both the pre-natal and post-natal period could lead to abnormalities in the growing baby which may lead to neurodevelopmental disorders like ASD, ADHD, MR, etc. after the birth of a baby.

What to Do:

Always take good care of your mental health during the pre- and post-natal periods.

4) Nutritional Deficiency

Nutritional deficiency is a major problem during pregnancy and early childhood in our country.

It could lead to many serious health complications for the child.

Deficiency in a mother’s nutrition could lead to serious structural defects like spina bifida, and abnormal growth, etc. in unborn babies, and deficiency in early childhood may lead to serious physical and mental health issues.

Deficiency in vitamin D and B is linked with neurodevelopmental conditions like ASD.

What to Do:

Taking care of proper nutrition during pregnancy for the mother and up to 5 years for the baby is advisable.

5) Lack of environmental stimulation in early childhood

Environmental stimulations are vital in the development process of a child.

Only environmental stimulations could activate all the sense organs of a baby which could help in the development of a central nervous system of a child as its food is the stimuli.

In the current scenario, lack of environmental stimulation due to isolation or not having chances to explore the world around them is leading to neurodevelopmental issues like autism, ADHD, cognitive deficits, speech delays, etc.

What to Do:

Give your baby as many opportunities as possible to explore their environment.

Final Thought

Increasing awareness of these factors can help you take the necessary steps to prevent neurodevelopmental issues in your child.

Preventive approaches and early interventions are the key to successfully fighting neurodevelopmental disorders.

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