How to re-program your subconscious mind? Adopt these 7 powerful tools to re-program your subconscious mind

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How can I make my subconscious more powerful?

How do I attract more success into my life?

How can I re-program my subconscious mind?

If you are searching for the information mentioned above, this article will help you.

The most powerful thing in the universe is our own subconscious mind.

It can bring us great success or lead to our destruction. It all depends on how we choose to use it.

Let’s discuss some effective approaches to re-program our subconscious mind.

1) Mirror Reflection

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It is commonly said that a mirror cannot lie.

So, in this process, mirror reflection is very effective in enhancing the power of our subconscious.

It could help us to replace our negative thoughts or wrong patterns stored in our subconscious.

What to Do:

Sit in front of a big mirror, look directly into your eyes, feel the detachment that occurs when you look at yourself inside the mirror.

Think that your consciousness is looking at your subconscious.

Note down every bit of emotion from that moment and keep a few positive thoughts repeating in your mind.

2) Affirmation

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These are positive statements designed for a specific purpose to feed our subconscious for achieving it.

Many of us might have heard about the impacts of affirmation in our lives.

Yes, it could provide many benefits if used appropriately, but it may have adverse effects if used incorrectly.

What to Do:

Make small positive sentences, with specific purpose all in present tense only.

Keep repetitions in mind and write them down in your daily diary.

Whenever you practice, try to feel the emotions and intentions conveyed by your sentences.

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3) Visualization

It is a powerful tool for getting things done successfully.

It can re-wire our subconscious to achieve a specific purpose.

The clearer and more intentional your visualization is, the more effective the result could be.

What to Do:

Set a specific time when no tasks need to be completed and no one will be around you.

Write down all the sequences of the thing you want to achieve.

Sit or lie down, start visualizing all the sequences in your mind’s eye, and feel them.

Repeat it as much as possible; it may rewire your subconscious mind to provide exactly what you need.

4) Auto Suggestion

These are automated sentences that will pop up automatically according to the situation you are in.

This works according to the stored pattern in your subconscious mind.

And it takes a long time of practice to make this automated.

What to Do:

According to your life goals, create a few positive sentences and repeat them in your mind whenever you have free time.

Start practicing according to your situation and keep going.

These will be automated whenever you face that situation.

5) Awareness

Awareness plays a vital role in every stage of our life path.

The more aware we are, the better our decision-making will be.

With better decisions only we could get great results in our lives.

What to Do:

Start practicing mindfulness in any form.

It will increase your awareness power. At every activity apply mindfulness approaches which will give you good results.

6) Gratitude

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It is a great way to shift our focus from nothing to everything.

We always blame what we may not have, but we are rarely thankful for what we do have.

Practicing gratitude will help create a new perception and shift our thought patterns from negative to positive.

What to Do:

Write down 5 positive things you experience daily in a diary and thank the universe by saying them out loud.

The more you practice the better will be your perception.

7) Brainwave Meditation

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Often, we may not be able to consciously dedicate effort to practicing all the techniques needed to re-program our subconscious mind.

Brainwave meditation could help us in this regard as it is an automated process for re-programming.

What to Do:

Make affirmations about the things you want to change or achieve in your life and record them with your voice, stating them with proper intentions.

Obtain brainwaves from reliable sources and combine them with your recorded audio. Listen to this daily. It could work wonders in your life.

Final thoughts

All of the above approaches are highly potent and effective. You can adopt one or more of them for better results in your life.

At any time, at any place you can practice these techniques; but the best time to do subconscious-reprogramming is when you are going to bed and after you wake up from your bed.

Success needs only discipline and dedication in a proper way

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