Do you want to know how your personality develops? Knowing these 7 key processes will help you to re-structure your personality today…

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How can I develop a good personality?

How could I make changes to my personality?

Why I couldn’t have a good personality?

To lead a successful life, we all need a balanced and enhanced personality. Without it, the journey might be very tough starting from stress management to relationship handling or professional success to health success.

Many factors are continuously making an impact on our personality. Let’s know the real process behind our formation of personality.

1) Stimulus – Thoughts

At every second we receive thousands of stimuli from our environment through our sense organs.

These Stimuli create our thoughts. Negative stimulus creates negative thought whereas positive stimulus creates positive thought.

What to Do:

Try to filter your Stimuli as much as you can.

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2) Thoughts- Emotions

Our thoughts produce emotions.

Aggressive thoughts produce anger and anxious thoughts produce fear.

In the same way, cheerful thoughts produce happiness, and harmonious thoughts produce calmness. It fully depends on us which type of thoughts we are allowing to circulate in our minds.

What to Do:

Always avoid or divert repetitions of negative thoughts in your mind.

3) Emotions – Feelings

Our emotions are responsible for how we feel.

Anger could make us feel irritated and frustrated and fear could make us feel nervous or panic.

Positive feelings could have positive impacts as happiness makes us motivated, joyful, etc.

What to Do:

Practicing emotional release could enhance our feelings.

4) Feelings – Pattern

Our mind is very sensitive to repetitions.

Repetitions of feelings will create patterns to store in the subconscious level which has the power to alter our personality traits. A negative pattern has negative impacts and a positive pattern has positive impacts.

What to Do:

Avoid repetitions of negative feelings for a long duration.

5) Pattern – Perception

The created and stored patterns make our perception according to which we generally see, access, and manage our daily life events.

How we respond or react to a situation fully depends on our perception. If our response or reaction is positive means we perceive it positively and vice-versa.

What to Do:

Identify and rectify all the stored negative patterns for better perception.

6) Perception – Traits

We display behaviors or act in social contexts according to our perception only.

All our responses, reactions, opinions, decisions, finding solutions are directly linked to our perceptions. And these are commonly known as our personality traits.

What to Do:

Self-transformation is the only way to change our perceptions.

7) Traits – Personality

Our behaviors, actions, responses, etc. constitute our personality.

The outer world responds to us according to the way we display these traits. And we display our personality according to our stored traits only.

What to Do:

Identifying negative traits and rectifying them would make your personality shine.

Final Thought:

It is always easy to make changes at the first step rather than in between the other steps of the developmental process. So, if you want to have a good personality, then take all the needed action at the first step.

Always select or filter what you are sensing at this moment.

Realizing the importance of Every stimulus at each moment could make you shine always

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