5 key factors that may develop or destroy your personality. Know these 5 things to develop a good personality…

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Why can’t I have a good personality?

Why do people around me negatively treat my personality?

What is affecting my personality?

These are some common queries that alter our thinking sometimes. Let’s know 5 key factors that have both constructive and destructive impacts on our personality.

1) Your surroundings

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Our surroundings consist of our family, neighborhood, friends, school, and relatives.

With these people, we grow up. The majority of our acquired behaviors, thought patterns, perceptions, lifestyles, and social presentations come from these people.

And all these things construct our personality. So, we need to be within the right kind of surroundings for a good personality.

What to Do:

  • Choose your surroundings thoughtfully
  • Be with the right people in the right environment to change any acquired behavior or perception

2) Your profession

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Our perception changes from time to time due to many circumstances. Repetitions of the same thought patterns can alter our perceptions.

In this journey, our profession has much impact. We spend the majority of our daily time with our profession.

The nature of the job, working culture, and office environment all have a high influence on our thought patterns.

A negative environment can destroy your personality, while a positive environment can enhance it.

What to Do:

  • If it is positive and harmonious then get the best out of it
  • If it is negative, change it (if possible); otherwise, detach yourself from your profession

3) Genetics

We generally inherit a part of our personality traits from our parents, as our genetic structure always has an impact on our personality.

We automatically display behaviors, attitudes, and manners that are similar to those of our parents.

What to Do:

  • For negative traits, modification is necessary
  • Practicing self-transformation could help

4) Your daily habits

First, we adopt our daily habits according to our personality traits.

Later these daily habits could alter our personality in both positive and negative ways.

If we develop negative habits such as addictions, blaming others, being disorganized, and creating problems, it will undoubtedly harm our personality.

If daily habits are positive, then it will shine the personality day by day.

What to Do:

  • Find out harmful/negative habits (If any)
  • Change negative habits or adopt new positive habits

5) Mindset

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Our mindset is crucial for our lives. We act, behave, think, and manage our daily lives based on our mindset.

Our values, beliefs, and ethics are a vital derivation of it. And all these are part of our personality.

The way we display these in our daily life reflects our mindset.

What to Do:

Final realization

Our personality plays a major role in our lives. The way we exhibit our traits to the outside world determines how we are treated.

Good things happen to them who have good traits

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