How can I develop my personality? Following these 5 steps may enhance your personality…

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What to do for my personality?

How to develop a good personality?

How can I enhance my personality?

Knowing about the importance and impacts of a good personality will not give us any results.

We have to do something about it. It is not a difficult thing as it seems to many.

Just rectifying and following a few simple things could make it happen.

Let’s know a few simple and effective steps through which we could make our personality enhanced…

1) Detachment from the negative environment

Our environment greatly influences our personality. Positive environments have a positive impact, while negative environments have a negative impact.

For example, being around addicted people increases the likelihood of us becoming addicted, whereas being around motivated and positive individuals encourages us to be motivated.

It may not always be possible to avoid or remove negativity from our environment. However, remaining in a negative environment is not beneficial in any way.

So, we can only detach ourselves from the negative environment.

What to Do:

  • Avoid adopting negative attributes from people
  • Always learn and adopt positivities from your environment

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2) Developing healthy habits

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Our habits always alter our personality.

With good habits, we can enhance our personality, and with negative habits, it will be destroyed.

So, learning and adopting good habits will help us in developing our personality.

What to Do:

  • Add yoga, breathing, gratitude, Affirmations, and journaling to your daily routine
  • Remove wrong diets, undisciplined daily routines, time wasters, and negative people

3) Rectifying common mistakes

To be human is to make mistakes. We do many things in our daily life.

It is very tough to always follow or do all the right things.

So, we may make many mistakes knowingly or unknowingly.

Making common mistakes is not a problem; but ignoring it and committing the same mistakes again and again is a big problem for our personality.

What to Do:

  • Identify and acknowledge all common mistakes in your daily life
  • Learn to rectify and start rectifying each one

4) Knowledge about developing self

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We learn many different things during our life journey.

From the start of our childhood, throughout our family life, school, college, and professional career, we are taught many things about various subjects, circumstances, situations, and the world around us.

But rarely we are taught about our “SELF”.

Lack of self-knowledge is a big obstacle when we try to develop our personality.

What to Do:

5) More Focus on Self

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Today we are living in a society where many people around us have just an outer mindset.

Spending time discussing others’ lives, comparing with them, gossiping about them, and making plans to disturb others are common habits for many.

Doing these things takes us away from our inner-self which has negative impacts on our personality.

What to Do:

  • Start spiritual practice from today
  • Adopt self-development approaches

Embrace Change

Many of us think that our personality is inherited and can’t be changed.

Despite this common thought, many have proven it wrong.

According to psychology, the process is 10% inherited and 90% acquired.

So if we can make the necessary changes to 90%, it will automatically balance the rest 10%.

Personality development is not a technique or approach; rather it is a process, the more modifications and rectifications according to the need of time will enhance it more and more.

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