6 Vital Reasons to Know Why is today’s lifestyle creating more stress?

kids making noise and disturbing mom working at home

Do you frequently find yourself balancing a lot of obligations and finding little time for self-care or relaxation?

Have you seen any changes in your general state of health, such as adjustments to your eating, sleeping, or mood schedule?

kids making noise and disturbing mom working at home
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Our Daily Living is merely affected by the Circumstances rather it is more affected by our own Thoughts

STRESS is an inevitable part of our daily lives. Whether we want it or not, like it or not, it doesn’t matter, but the only truth is that we must have to face it phase by phase in our life journey.

Sometimes it may result in good in our lives; but many times, it creates only problems. And the long-term consequences are not at all good for us.

There are many facts, reasons, things, or circumstances due to which we feel stress. But today we are going to highlight a few vital reasons for stress created due to today’s lifestyle.

Let’s get started.

1. Comparative Life Style

In today’s time, we are running behind a mass race without thinking much about our own values, ethics, strengths, or weaknesses.

We are living our daily lives by comparing the people around us.

Being sad or stressed or feeling low by seeing the costly vehicles or flats or properties or materials of our friends or neighbors which we may not have, is not the right approach for happy living.

We always want to be happy by achieving the things others have.

We even don’t think about ourselves rather just running day and night to fulfill the things that may not give us real happiness after achieving it.

Many times, these things put a lot of stress on us which is not good at all for our life.

In Short, due to constant comparisons with others, we frequently lose sight of our own ideals and strengths in today’s world. Stress and unhappiness result from pursuing happiness through monetary goods. It’s time to put our health before the pursuit of what others possess.

2. Wrong Attitude

Our attitude alters our lifestyle and also daily living in many ways.

We face conflicting situations due to our attitude many times.

Negative Self-Beliefs, Self-talk, negative perceptions, negative emotions, etc. only put unnecessary stress on us which we can’t able to handle sometimes.

When we show these, it is commonly said that “ We ourselves call the stressors to damage our own Life”.

So, our attitude affects our way of life and day-to-day encounters; unfavorable self-perceptions and beliefs frequently result in contradictory circumstances and needless tension.

3. Being within the Circle of Stress

It is common for all of us to feel stress at some point in our life journey.

But putting the extra burden of stress due to our wrong lifestyle always harms our health.

We may suffer from many types of chronic illnesses both physically and mentally due to long periods of stress.

When we suffer from chronic health issues again it creates more stress on us.

At this moment of life, we generally forget the root facts that we have to come out of this Circle known as the “Circle of Stress” ( Stress > Illness > More Stress > Deteriorate Health Condition > Chronic Stress).

Because if our illnesses are related to stress then we need to get rid of stress first rather than only running behind any treatment approaches.

Prioritizing well-being over treatment and addressing stress as the underlying cause is necessary to escape this “Circle of Stress.”

4. Cognitive Imbalance

Our cognitive abilities develop after our birth with our upbringings.

Our family environment, parenting, schooling, and society; all have a major impact on it.

Nowadays, by seeing the increasing rates of family conflicts and disturbances, negative parenting, and negativities in schools and society, we can realize how much and in which direction it is impacting the cognitive ability of this generation.

The lack of understanding, negative thought patterns, wrong decisions, judgmental, emotional instabilities, etc. of a personality defines the cognitive imbalance.

It could create unnecessary conflicts, disturbances, and challenges which may lead to stressful living.

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5. Unbalanced Life

Today we are living our lives in an undisciplined manner without any priorities and boundaries.

There is merely no balance between our life and profession or relationships.

Daily we are just running in a hectic manner.

Lack of rest both physically and mentally, lack of self-care, lack of harmony in relationships, lack of values and ethics, and lack of priority between what we need, what we want, and what we could get make our life unbalanced.

It creates much more stress in our life which can go a long way.

6. No “ME” Time

We heard many times from many people around us that, I have no time to die, I am ultra busy, I have no time to breathe, etc…

At this point, we forget our “SELF”, which may lead our life to a very pathetic state physically, mentally, emotionally, in social context, and our profession also.

When we face this state, a heavy amount of Stress is loaded on us which may not be bearable or handleable at that moment of Life.


Our lifestyle has much impact on our healthy and balanced living.

Since the path of life is uncertain; so, making chaos into it doesn’t make any meaningful things for us.

If the ultimate goal of life is healthy and happy living then we must know the roots of all stressors in our Life.

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