7 common habits that may make your self-development journey challenging…

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Why does the self-development journey seem difficult for me?

How can I start my self-development journey?

Why couldn’t I able to start developing myself?

What are the main obstacles in my self-development journey?

Despite knowing the value of self-development, many of us couldn’t just able to start the process.

And many of us start and, after a few days or months, return to the previous stage.

The fact is that it is not a very tough journey as it seems to many. Making small changes and adopting new approaches to our daily routine could make it happen.

Before that, we should be aware of the obstacles which may make it difficult.

Let’s discuss 7 common habits that may make the journey tough…

1) Discussing about others

This is a common habit for many of us.

Despite having many responsibilities and a hectic daily schedule, we never forget to discuss about others when in a group.

Gossiping or discussing unnecessary facts about others only makes us away from self and when we are away from self, how can we develop it?

What to Do:

Always avoid or stay away from gossiping.

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2) Dwelling on the past

At every moment we face many things in life.

Many of us struggle to let go of past events or situations and spend a significant amount of time dwelling on them, asking ourselves:

Why did it happen to me?

Why did I do this?

How could I do this?

Where did I make mistakes?

Yes, analyzing and learning from past mistakes helps us always to improve; but dwelling in it for a long time will affect us in developing.

What to Do:

Always try to learn from the past, but never dwell in it for a longer period.

3) Overthinking about the future

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We all know that the future is uncertain. What will happen in the next moment is beyond our thinking, yet many of us spend a lot of time worrying about it.

“What will happen if I do it? How will my life be after this? How could I live without it?” Thinking about things that are beyond our control will not bring any good to us.

What to Do:

Stop overthinking about future aspects.

4) Involving with Time wasters

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There are many types of time wasters we generally involve in our daily lives.

Complaining, blaming others, waiting for the right time, comparing with others, spending excessive time on social media, attending unnecessary gatherings, watching long hours of TV, and oversleeping for more than 10 hours are common time wasters that yield no positive results.

If we can cut off these time wasters, we could find ample time for self-development which many of us complain that we have no time for it.

What to Do:

Identify your time wasters and replace them with self-development activities.

5) Always looking outside

Many of us live life with comparing others.

We often act, respond, and behave based on the influence of superior individuals around us, while neglecting or avoiding those with poorer living conditions, typically based on our perception.

This is a major mistake we generally make which never makes us realize the importance of looking inside us.

What to Do:

Search for happiness with what you have rather than feeling sad with what others have.

6) Never admitting own mistakes

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It is perfectly alright to make mistakes in our daily life.

But many of us never admit our mistakes which may be harmful or not good for others.

Not admitting mistakes only enhances our self-ego, narrow mindsets, and negative perceptions.

It is a big obstacle in developing our self.

What to Do:

Always admit your mistakes and make necessary changes to them.

7) Trying to control the uncontrollable

In our life journey, many incidents happen at every moment.

It is not in anyone’s hands to predict what tomorrow has for us. But many of us remain with the thought to control the uncontrollable things.

We often forget the fact that everything is not within our control.

Ruminating, regretting, or overthinking about incidents beyond our control can disturb our minds, creating obstacles in our self-development journey.

What to Do:

Practice the letting go approach and apply it to uncontrollable incidents if happen.

Final Thoughts

Our choices make our lives harmonious or devastating. And self-development is a choice.

If you want to enhance your life then you may choose it.

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