6 Facts to Know Why we must get rid of Stress?

young man in sleepwear suffering from headache in morning

We feel stress when our thought creates it

STRESS could be very dangerous for us whether it is in the short term or long term.

It can make our lives devastating in many aspects.

We may suffer in our profession, in our relationships, in social context, or our health.

So all of us need to get rid of stressors as early as possible before it could create any damage to us.

There are many reasons why we must get rid of stress early.

But in this section, we are going to highlight some vital points about which we must know.

1. It could damage our Mental Health

Any type of stress first affects our mental health.

Because stress could make our neurotransmitters unbalanced and unsynchronized which may lead to severe mental illnesses.

We may suffer from insomnia, anxiety, mood issues, hyperactive, depression, etc. if we will be with chronic stress for a longer period.

And once we are in a mental disorder, it may make us suffer for a lifetime.

So, before Stress can damage our mental health and make us suffer; we must damage it from its root.

2. It may develop Physical illnesses

Chronic stress alters stress hormones which causes many chronic physical illnesses.

Hormonal disorders, excessive weight gain or loss, headaches, digestive issues, high blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes, etc. are a few to count if we are with daily stress.

Slowly these health conditions may lead to heart attack brain stroke and paralysis.

If we can’t fight with stressors effectively then it is very difficult to make ourselves physically healthy.

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3. It may develop Cognitive Impairment

When we are in stress, we face many common problems in our daily life.

Lack of concentration, focus, being irritated in small incidents, lack of understanding, emotional instability, etc. make our daily living more stressful.

Living with these chronic conditions for a long period may negatively impact our cognitive functions.

This may form a permanent pattern of cognitive impairments.

And without balanced cognitive functionalities, we can’t imagine a healthy life.

We could save ourselves from this by removing stressors as early as possible.

4. It may create Relationship disturbances

Harmony in relationships is very vital as we all realize the impacts of good relationships on our life path.

We couldn’t able to enjoy a good life without good relationships.

Due to chronic stress, we feel changes in our behavior, language, and communication which may create many disturbances in our relationships whether it is with our family members, friends, or neighbors.

It makes our life more stressful later.

5. It has impacts on Social Status

When we are under continuous stress, definitely there will be some hesitations to go to social gatherings, functions, get-togethers, or meetings.

People around us will start to differentiate our personality.

Slowly our values and impacts within our social circle will decrease which may put extra challenges further in our life path.

6. It may affect our Productivity

Continuous stress alters our thinking patterns in many ways.

Our reasoning capability, planning, and problem-solving ability also alter which directly affects to our productivity.

We weren’t able to perform our tasks in hand successfully.

It hampers our daily life, profession, career, etc. in many ways which again puts extra stress on us.


The path of life may not be easy for anyone and in this journey, we may get stressors at any moment at any point; that’s true.

The only differentiation between a balanced and unbalanced life is the way how and when we get rid of the stressors.

The earlier we will be successful the easier will be to make our life balance.

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