Do you want to train your conscious mind? These 6 simple steps could make your conscious mind more powerful

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How can I use my conscious mind in a better way?

How can I train my conscious mind?

What to do to improve my consciousness?

If you have these questions in your mind, then this article may help you.

Our conscious mind works when we are awake and active. To improve our life aspects, we need continuous training.

If your willingness is to improve your life and get the out best of it, then these simple approaches could help you.

1) Mindfulness

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When I am talking about mindfulness here, means we need to be mindful in our everyday activities like mindful eating, mindful talking, mindful watching, and mindful working, what does it mean actually?

It means when you are doing your everyday activities try to use all your senses into it.

What to do:

When you eat it next time, feel its texture, smell its sweetness, put your positive emotions into it, feel it, and create positive thoughts about its impact on your body.

It is called mindful eating. It has a much more positive impact than watching TV, using a mobile phone, talking with someone, or doing other activities while eating.

Apply this approach to every activity you can and see the difference in a few days.

2) Observation

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It is a great skill to activate our conscious mind for better performance. It activates our senses and increases our logical and analytical ability. The more we observe things, situations, circumstances, events, and people around us, the better our perception will be.

What to do:

Start observing everything around you silently from today.

Observe when people are talking to you or when you are at a gathering or event. Notice how people are dealing, reacting, or responding. Pay attention to whatever you can.

Look, think, listen, feel, spend time with it. You will notice some miraculous changes in your perception within a few days with these habits.

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3) Analysis

Since the conscious mind has more analytical ability, the more we analyze, the more it will be enhanced.

With more analytical ability we can get more clear pathways for any critical situation or circumstance in our life.

What to do:

Start analyzing every situation in your everyday life whether it may be small or big.

Write down its pros and cons, reasons, and possible solutions.

Building this habit may take some time from your busy schedule, but in the long run, it may give you good results in big events.

4) Filtration

In our day-to-day life, we are using many things by filtering.

That means we are separating unuseful substances and taking only useful things.

The same concepts we need to apply with the stimulus we are getting at every moment.

What to do:

Separate all the unwanted or unnecessary Stimuli at every moment you are taking.

Avoid listening to, watching, or engaging in unnecessary, unwanted, destructive, or negative conversations.

5) Positive associations

The more we could increase positivities in our life, the more it could attract.

And when positivities will increase in our life, automatically there will be less space for the negativities and the more we will be conscious about the things around us.

What to do:

Develop good habits, make relationships with positive people, read developmental and spiritual books, practicing affirmations, etc. could help you in this regard.

Before that first remove all the time wasters and negative habits, negative associations from your life circle.

6) Spend time with nature

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Nature is our greatest resource for everything we need to make our lives successful.

It could give us many things if we know how to get it. But due to our hectic life routine, we are forgetting to spend time with it.

What to do:

Spend a few moments in a natural environment such as a beach, by a lake, in the hills, in an open field, garden, park, or even on your rooftop without any gadgets.

Just sit silently, smell the air in your nose, listen to its sound in your ear, touch it on your skin, see it through your eyes, and feel it in your body and mind.

Look, observe, and notice the beauty of everything you are seeing at this moment.

These small habits could make miraculous changes in your life if you can adapt to your daily life.

With more consciousness in mind, we can take more conscious steps for our life.

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