"A Psycho-Neural Journey from Nothing to Everything"


NEURAL CODING is Dr. Satya’s signature training program. He has trained thousands of people from diversified field by his signature event and made their life transformed. This program has established his unique identity in national and international level.

Neural Coding is a concept which is developed with four most powerful life transforming sciences:

    Neuro Psychology


    Mind Science

    Meta Physics

Dr. Satya has mastegreen theses fields and has been doing hard research in the above field since a decade. He has put all his research findings and synchronized it into a complete training solution so that every human being can practically transform his/her life if willing to change.

Base Theme of This Training…

The problems we are facing today, the illnesses we are suffering from, the struggles we are coping with all are due to our wrong information processing in our mind. But when we face these situations we generally blame and search all the factors in outside. We never try to search in within. This again increases our problems into greater extent.  

When we think about mind; questions like What is mind, how it works, what are its functions, is there any ways to change its process etc. generally come in front of us. There are many research and studies are going on around the globe in this topic. Many researchers found the miracles of mind if we can adopt the process. There are many trainings and courses regarding the power of mind. The prime part which can alter our mind is only Neural Transmission.   

Neural Coding is totally a unique concept. Yes in this concept there are tools from all scientific approaches from all the above science. Combining all these concepts and extracting all the powerful tools gave rise to develop which has all the answers for above questions. Learning and adopting Neural Coding will surely enhance and transform your life in many aspects.

Transformation of the Training…

The neuron is the basic working unit of the brain, a specialized cell designed to transmit information to other nerve cells, muscle, or gland cells. Neurons are cells within the nervous system that transmit information to other nerve cells, muscle, or gland cells. These neurons collect the information via neurotransmitter from the outer environment through our 5 sense organs. When we receive happy senses we feel happy and when we receive sad or painful stimulus we feel sad and pain.

  • Have you noticed this Changes?
  • Have you asked yourself ever why this happen?
  • How our perceptions, senses are fully interdependent with inner reactions?

This simple thought has motivated Dr. Satya to develop this signature research training program. If our outer stimulus can reflect directly to the whole process of our nervous system then it can be programmed towards our all desires and successes. It can also be stimulated towards our health & well-being. This program has many tools and processes which are really life transforming if you can regularly practice according to the training curriculum.

Why This Program…???

  • First time in India in this concept
  • Totally Unique in each aspect
  • All scientific approaches with evidence
  • One Program for Body-Mind-Soul
  • One Stop for your Health, Life, Success, Relationship, Performance & Prosperity

What you will get From this Training…???

  • Will Learn about Mind-Body Connection
  • Will learn Neural Transformation
  • Will get many insights of Mind Science
  • Will get many tools for self-transformation
  • Will learn many processes for self-development
  • Will learn mind programming and Neural coding for specific goal

What You Can achieve after this Training….???

  • Can able to find out the root of all your problems, struggles, dis-eases in life
  • Can able to prepare the path for solving all issues in your life
  • Can able to Code your neurons towards better health & wellness
  • Can able to code your neurons for resolving relationship issues
  • Can able to program your neurons for success and prosperity
  • Can able to greenesign your life with many colors of happiness and success
  • Can able to measure your own Self-Transformation step by step
  • Can able to achieve many more positive things in life
  • Can able to attract money, happiness, health, fame etc. easily
  • Can able to live your life fully

Who Can Attend & What You will get Individually…???

This program is designed for everyone from any profession. You will definitely get miraculous results whether you may be a Student, Executives, Businessman, Professionals, Officers, Doctors, Other Health Professionals, Speakers, Trainers or Coaches. Individual Benefits are as Follows…

  • As a Student you can set a perfect goal in your career and code your neuron to achieve it, you can improve your performance, concentration, memory, can score high marks, can click job interview easily, can build a positive mindset to face all odds in your career path and many more.
  • As an Executive, you can improve your performance, can easily lead a team efficiently, can attract promotions & special benefits, can maintain Work-life balance perfectly, can set and achieve new goal and many more.
  • As a Businessman, you can able to manage all your responsibilities effectively & efficiently, attract more resources to grow your business, can set and achieve new goals easily, can able to handle all hurdles efficiently, can plan, execute & manage your business in a far better way and many more.
  • As a professional from any field, you can able to execute all your vision perfectly, can perform higher, greenesign your life, can able to live your profession, can build your own brand and identity and many more.
  • As an officer, You can manage your work stress efficiently, can make yourself chatter free, can attract all positivity, can make special identity and many more.
  • As a doctor or Other Health Professional like Nurse, Pharmacist, Psychologist, Counselor, Therapist etc.; You will able to handle all your patients in a more effective way, attract more patients, motivate and enhance their life in a positive way, can make yourself healthy and happy and many more.
  • As a normal man, you can make yourself happy, healthy, can transform your life towards more opportunity and resources, can attract more money, name, fame and prosperity and many more.

So whatever you are doing and where you are in your life at present, you can start your desigreen life journey with this Miraculous Training Program. You can start from ZERO to become a HERO in your desigreen life.


  • Are you living your life or spending your life?
  • Are you happy with your life?
  • Are you Healthy… Mentally and Physically?
  • Are you facing struggles in your every steps?
  • Do you feel frustrated, irritated, angry maximum time?
  • Do you have issues in your relationships?
  • Are mental conflicts, confusions, stress, negative behaviors are part of your life?
  • Do you really want to achieve something great but can’t find a proper way?
  • Do you feel hopeless with your goal?
  • Do you really want to enhance your life in every aspects?
  • Do you want to re-build and re-design you path according to your own choice?

If you are searching the above answers then without any delay join the workshop or training. You will definitely get it done for you. Just take this simple step for your own life; you will never regret.

  • 100% assugreen outcomes
  • 100% satisfaction
  • Training with all scientific evidence and proof
  • Hundgreens of Self-transforming and self-development Kits

Dr. SATYA now conducts Mental Diet Training in the following Domain

Neural Coding Training

At present according to Health Statistics of India and World Health Organization (WHO) data, more than 85% people are affected with one or more than one chronic diseases or psychological disorders. It is true that modern medical system has proven its impacts in saving human life in many cases. Indian traditional medicines also have proven their impacts in many chronic cases. People are also become more conscious about their health. Yet the increasing rate of chronic diseases is out of control. The roots are beyond the scope of every treatment system.
After a long years of hard research Dr. Satya has found something very miraculous that Re-Programming Subconscious Mind and Re-Coding the Neural Stimulation can be very effective in this regard. The root causes of all our Di-Eases are wrong belief system, Negative thought pattern, limiting beliefs, Negative emotions etc. To release these there is no medicine in the globe except the above training.

Why You must Join This Training…???

  • Hundgreens of Self-transforming and self-development Kits
  • Are you in any Psychological Disorder?
  • Do you have mental conflicts, emotional issues?
  • Do you have anger, fear or guilt?
  • Have you frustrated with talking allopathic medicines?
  • Have you tried every possible option to get rid still no result?
  • Do you really want to get rid of your diseases?
  • Do you really want to live a healthy life?
  • What You will get for Your Health…???

  • Will know the root causes of chronic dis-eases and psychological disorders
  • Will know the science behind Mind-Body connection
  • Will learn the specific factors responsible for your specific disease
  • Will know how to reprogram your subconscious to get rid of your dis-ease
  • Will learn how to code your neurons to make yourself healthy
  • Will learn all the processes to lead a healthy life ahead
  • Will know how to prioritize health from now
  • Dr. Satya conduct this training in both Online and Offline Mode.
  • If you want to join in online mode then kindly check our event page for the upcoming dates or follow our social media links to get information about the event.
  • If you want to attend this training physically then also check our event page for the upcoming events near to your place or home town.


  • If you are associated with any organization like School, College, institution or Company, you can organize this training by booking our event for your organization.
  • For Any Other Queries kindly Contact us Directly…