(Psychologist, PEMF Therapist, Mind Therapist, Neuro Therapist, CBT & NLP Experts)

Dr. SATYA has been in the field of Mind-Body Medicines since a decade. He is an expert of Pulsed Electro Magnetic Therapy (For all Chronic Physical Dis-Eases), Low Field Magnetic Stimulation Therapy (For all Mental Disorders), Mind Therapy (For all psychosomatic Issues), Psychotherapy ( For all Mental & Behavioural Conflicts) and Energy Medicine (For all Negative impacts). After completing his Master Journey in Applied Psychology & Neuro – Linguistic Programming, he started his services to help humanity in enhancing their Self-Healing Power for a positive life through Workshops, Seminars, Counseling and Trainings. But this couldn’t give much satisfaction to serve better. So He aimed his higher research in Complementary & Alternative Medicines to develop Holistic Therapies. For this Dr. SATYA studied many specializations and finally he adopted some highly effective therapy approaches like PEMF, NFBT, CBT, NLP etc. which are giving highest satisfaction and improvements to the clients suffering with different chronic physical and mental issues. With the whole knowledge of his decade of research, he developed one unique therapy “MIND THERAPY” which is a combination of both psychology and complementary therapies. The prime specialty of this therapy is that clients can use it by sitting at their home. He is also a Motivational Speaker, NLP Master Trainer, Mind Power Expert, Life Coach & Educator. To increase awareness and enhance positive well-being in society is the only motto which kept him going more and more in this field. He is continuing his higher research in Modern Psychology as well as CAM for the advancements in Mental Health and Physical Health.
He has been associated with many International Organizations like American Psychological Association (APA, USA), American Union of NLP(AUNLP,USA), Complementary Therapists Accredited Association(CTAA,USA), Natural Healing Academy(Australia), National Organizations like Integrated Medicine research Foundation (IMRF, India), Alternative Medical Council Orissa(Odisha), psychologyindia.com(India) to avail all the effective resources for the betterment of Human being.
He has been treating every type of CHRONIC DISEASES & PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDERS by his innovative Therapies. Many People around the globe have got immense benefits from his Therapies. His friendly gesture and warming personality have been a key for many Clients.


In Our Life Everything happens for a reason. That’s the theme of my life journey in the field of Psychology and Complementary & Alternative Medicines. From the year 1999 to the year 2006, I have suffered with many physical complications. All these started in 1999. I was affected with Viral fever first and then Jaundice. When got rid of Jaundice symptoms, again I was in fever and that time it was Common Malaria (Plasmodium Vivax Parasite). But this fever continued and not left me anyway. So when higher tests were done, I came to know that, it was Plasmodium Falciparum, that means I was affected with Brain Malaria. From that day to the end of 2005; only I visited Doctors to Doctors, Hospitals to Hospitals, Patho Lab to Patho Lab and took poisons (medicines) of lacs of rupees. But at the end the result is only one. My fever is continuing and headaches were out of control. During that period also my eyes were paining; so eye specialists recommended the glass. Also for the headaches some doctors advised to consult ENT specialists. And the worst thing happened when I visited ENT experts. They did endoscopic surgery without a thought. At that time I thought I will be alright after few days. With the use of high pain killers, antibiotics etc. I couldn’t feel anything. After few days again the same problem with fever and headaches. When again I visited the ENT Experts they did the surgery again. These scenarios were a daily routine for me during that period. You can’t even imagine what are other circumstances I had to face because at that time I was a student; so it totally damaged my study life from matriculation to my professional study. And also the financial crisis, stress, sadness, hopelessness were a part of my family. Everyday at least 10 high power tablets were my daily food. My parent gave their best to save my life as at that time 3-4 cases of death in my birth village due to brain malaria only. And made my family mentally down also. Another important factor is that all my treatments and tests were not from any ordinary clinics or labs. All were from the reputed clinics of Odisha and the Doctors were also at top categories. You can check the medical reports attached here (Collected very hardly after 15 years). But it was unfortunate that not a single doctor even advised me to try any alternatives. They just took my money and repeatedly alter the doses of medicines. The problem remained the same and I had suffered a lot physically and mentally.

  • They tried to treat my Brain Malaria fever without analyzing the fact that it was chronic so the parasites are already in the intestine and liver which couldn’t be removed by these tablets.
  • Secondly, they suggested me to do Sinus Gland Operation after 6 times ENT Surgery. The main effect of this operation is memory fail. If I had admitted their suggestion then maybe I am not here in front of you.
  • Finally I couldn’t understand the real mind set and education of these doctors who we take as Second GOD; don’t suggest any alternative ways or recommend any other approaches if they couldn’t able to cure it. Only alteration of medicines and changes of doses.
    At last perhaps towards the end of 2005, two real doctors came into my life, who really satisfy the definition of GOD.
  • 1. Dr. Mihir Das (Medicine Specialist, Kalinga Hospital at that time, Studied from USA) recommended me after carefully watching my all reports and 72 hours of blood culture; not to visit any allopathic doctors if I want to live. Just go and get admitted in any YOGA Centre or Ashrams for at least 1 Year fully. Just think about the scenario. One Top Doctor of One Top Hospital: why he advised me to go for YOGA Ashram because he knows the reality of life and I think the Medical Education he got from USA; the thoughts of patients life. Because my blood culture report said that my blood was 95% poisoned till that time.
  • 2. Secondly, Dr. PC Singha (Ayurvedic Specialist, Govt. of Odisha); he told me that Sinus is not a disease. You can easily treat this. He recommended some Ayurvedic Processes for 3 months and believe me I haven’t felt any type of problems from that day. Just think the allopathic treatment process; the thing which can be cured with simple homemade processes for that 6 times of ENT surgery and Recommending to do Sinus Gland Surgery by DR. KAR (Head of KAR Clinic, BBSR).
    These are common process through which many lives are going due to these types of doctors in India. I am not blaming the whole system of Allopathic as there is no replacement in cases like emergency, surgery, accidents, transplantation etc. This system is saving our life in many ways and also killing our life in many ways. So we should combine both Allopathic System and Alternative system simultaneously to live a healthy life. No Doctors may not advise you for this, but we should do it accordingly. Otherwise you may face the situation like me.
    You can check all the documents which I have collected very hardly for your satisfaction and confirmation which I had gone through in my life.
  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Integrated Medicine Research Foundation, India (IMRF, INDIA) (A National Level Autonomous Organization for the promotion of Complementary, Alternative & Psychological education & therapies)
  • Executive Director – cum- Registrar of Alternative Medical Council Orissa, Odisha (An ISO Certified & MSME Registered Autonomous Organization for the Research & Development of Complementary & Alternative System of Medicines which is affiliated under Open International University of Complementary Medicines, Sri Lanka & Recognized by United Nations Peace University)
  • Director of Dr. SATYA’s Mind Therapy & Healing Centre, Balasore, Odisha (A Unit of PARI Charitable Trust, for the enhancement of positive living and wellness in human being through different Alternative & Psychological Therapeutic Approaches)
  • Sleep Disorders & Psychiatry
  • Advances in the Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders
  • A New approach of Parenting (Behavioural & Thinking Challenges)
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD) Diagnosis & DSM-V
  • Differential Diagnosis of a Patient with Irritable Depression
  • Change Your Brain by Transforming Your Mind
  • Neural Basis of Mind-Body Medicine
  • How to map the dynamics of your Brain – From EEG to BCI
  • PAIN Manipulation by CAM
  • Hypnosis in Brain & Body
  • Complementary & Alternative Medicine (CAM)

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