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Dr. Satya's Mind Therapy & Healing Centre

(An Alternative & Psychological Therapy Centre)

"Final Destination for your Health & Wellness"

How we think of ourselves is critical to self-healing with mind body medicine. If we see ourselves at the mercy of the many perceived causes of sickness, self-healing will be difficult. Unfortunately, our culture and our widespread worldview have tended to support this perspective, missing the mind body connection. We see ourselves at the effect of germs, viruses, our genes, and even pollen or the weather. We also tend to think that all healing comes from outside sources, such as the doctor who orders a prescription or medical procedure. These may be helpful in getting rid of a symptom, but medical interventions may now be a leading cause of death.

Dr. SATYA’s MIND THERAPY & HEALING CENTRE is an Alternative & Psychological Healthcare. It is a unit of PARI CHARITABLE TRUST ( A Trust registered under Indian Trust Act. for the welfare of society in Health, Education & Living with Government Regd. No – 71900689). It is associated with Alternative Medical Council Orissa, Odisha (An ISO Certified & MSME registered Autonomous Council for Research & Development of Alternative System of Medicines) with Regd. No – AMCO/Aff/026/2019. It is also registered with Integrated Medicine Research Foundation, India (IMRF, INDIA- It is an autonomous organization for training and development in the field of Alternative System of Medicines and Holistic Health and Wellness).

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Are you suffering with any chronic physical problems?
Are you suffering with any Mental disorders?
Are you tied of trying every possible way to get rid of?
Do you want to free from the adverse effects of Allopathic Treatments?
Are you in some mental & behavioural conflicts?
Do you want to be Healthy, Happy & Peaceful?
Do you want to be Balanced Physically - Mentally – Emotionally?
Do you want to live an Enhanced Life?

What Clients Say ?

I am Puspita Priyadarshini Behera, have been suffering from high headaches, anxiety and unconsciousness problems since many days. My parents have tried their best to provide me all the possible ways to get rid me from these. But my problems couldn't be stopped until i met Dr. SATYA Sir. After his counseling i used his MIND THERAPY. After two months of use i now can say that i have recovered myself fully from all my problems. Thank you. Dr. SATYA Sir. Thanks to Mind Therapy.

Puspita Priyadarshini Behera
  • 4.50

“Now I am feeling very much glad to say my experience in this website for the betterment of other's like me. I used to take medicines since three years.

Sushree Santoshini Pradhan
  • 4.50

“I used Dr Satya Mandal's Mind Therapy for my severe eczema on my hands in January. It was very easy to do as you simply listen to it before bed and before waking. When listening, I felt intense energy sensations flowing in my body and was sent in to a deep, relaxation, meditative state. It was a very powerful experience. The Mind Therapy has helped me feel balanced and I was able to manage my eczema much better. Thank you.”

Nisha Solanki
  • 4.50

Very effective & new innovative way to heal yourself mentally, physically, psychologically as well as emotionally.

Managobinda Samantaray
  • 5

I'm so satisfied from this clinic. Here guidance & treatment was so perfect & better of their DOCTOR and members of their clinic also. Here treatment was more advanced,Simple, energetic and the most curefull.

Soubhagya Ranjan Behera
  • 5

I myself learned a lot from Dr. Satya's workshop in a comfortable environment online program. Distant learning was next to impossible for me due to my heavy commitments. I have attended many workshops like Acupressure, Reiki, Meditation workshop and many more by him. The style and knowledge of Dr. Satya is amazing and very interactive. It's really appreciated and admirable. It provided me with an insight and helped me immensely in my self healing process, and also improved my stress coping caliber in day to day unavoidable situations. He gives very simple tools yet powerful if one is dedicated and consistently follows them. His tools has forced me to change my patent perspectives of my life and I started to be very assertive rather than aggressive and impulsive. Dr. Satya's positive aura has definitely touched my mind and my energy field and has filled it with positiveness and blissfullness. He himself is a very simple person with deep knowledge and immense valuable informations as he has given lot of hard work in pursuing both National and International mindful coach degrees. He is highly educated and words are less to describe his ample designations in a paragraph. He is a certified international Mind Coach and his certified workshops should not b missed. It's a blessing and a marvellous opportunity to participate in his workshops. His you tube videos are very informative too. My life has a transformation after attending his several workshops. Thank you Dr. Satya Sir for your help in making me a positive energetic person now. My skills has profundely enhanced not only in my professional life but also in my personal life. I owe you so much. Thank you once again and keep up the good work always helping the needies. Stay blessed always!!🙏

Rashmita Nayak
  • 5

This is first time in our Odisha is an one person Dr.Satya psychology doctor in alternative medicine. It's amazing treatment for us because without medicine and without oppression all type of disease solution. I proudly selute him. I am very easily to succeed my spondylosis disease. So all followers let's chance it only one time and see your miracles on your body.

  • 4.5

The Mind Therapy and Healing Center is an unique Healing center established to heal both body and mind. It situated at Balasore town the only one in Odisha.Personal care is taken for improvement of patients.

Chintamani Sir
  • 4.5

Dr. Satya is very humble and experienced. Highly recommended.

rakshika jain
  • 4.5

It's a very nice as and quite place which gives you a self analysis facilities to control and make your mind healthy

Monali Mohapatra
  • 4.5

A great trainer and provides wonderful sessions.

Gaurav Goswami
  • 4.5

This place is just a heaven u will ever find in the whole earth . Just need a little more time for counselling..

Priyanka Majhi
  • 4.5

Nice place and excellent doctor as well.

Chinmay Kumar
  • 5

Inspiring & problem solving

Subrat Mohapatra
  • 5

Best place in India to heal yourself & cure all Chronic, Mental, Psychological & Physical illness

Sourav Ranjan Behera
  • 5

Beautiful place to heal yourself.

Dibyarashmi Behera
  • 5

Beet place for concentrate and heal yourself in our cercumstances..

Bhabani Sankar
  • 5

Nice place for curing your all chronic diseases......

  • 5

Then this is the best place for You… Why this is the best place ????

At Dr. Satya’s MIND THERAPY & HEALING CENTRE we provide a complete solution for the well-being of BODY-MIND-SOUL. Whether you are suffering from any chronic physical pain, mental pain or negative impacts, we may provide you the best solutions. We have all the modern therapeutic approaches with highly effective modern devices.
If you are suffering with physical problems like Arthritis, Migraine, BP, Sciatica, Back Pain, Rheumatism, Paralysis, Spinal Problems, Epilepsy, Osteomyelitis, Osteoporosis, Cerebral palsy, CVA, Cramps, Female Problems, Thyroid, Impotence, Nervous Breakdown, Panic Attack, Numbness, Parkinson’s Disease, Auto Immune Disorders etc. Then our PEMF Therapy & Mind Therapy can definitely heal your problems.
If Your are suffering with any mental issues like Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Mode Swing, Anger, phobia, Psychiatric Illness, Personality Disorders, Bipolar Disorders, Insomnia etc.. then our LFMS Therapy & Mind Therapy can be the best choice for you.
If you are suffering with negative emotions like anger, phobia, frustrations, mental conflicts, behavioural issues etc..then our PSYCHOTHERAPY can be a great option for you.
If you have negative impacts in your life relationship issues, family conflicts, black magic, blocked works etc..then our ENERGY Therapy is best for you.
“Don’t let your Problems Overcome You: Kill the Problems before it kills you”
“Take One Step to choose the right therapy & Live a Healthy Life Happily”


No Medicines, No Surgery, No Side Effects…. Get All Your Physical & Chronic Dis-Eases Healed Naturally

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